Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something about scene girls really gets me. IDK what it is. I like tattoos, check. But I'm kind of too old to listen to angsty rock music. I DO like rap music, delving into a lot of electronic/dance music as of late.

IDK but the rare Black Scene girl is a true gem. Even a preppy black girl decked out in polo or something like that is awesome too. Hipster black girls too.

Black girls are like Asian girls - they can rock any style and make it work.

I wish a plain white guy like me could do that
Now I have never hooked up with a black girl before. I am a white male. Stereotypical cracker. So what. Some men like variety, like taboo things, like exotic adventures. I would dare say that the good majority of men out there would love to be with a black woman. My friend dated a black girl for a while, she was cool, and he said it was a great experience. I wouldn't bat an eyelash when I see inter-racial couples.